Fully Responsive Website with Blog based on Django hosted for less than 4 USD per Month.

Posted on Feb. 18, 2019, by Sebastian Stemmer


This article will give an insight into the different components of this personal website. It covers the utilized technologies as well as deployment and costs.

Technologies and Code

This website is based on the web framework Django, the Wagtail CMS, Bootstrap and jQuery. If you want to inspect the code or learn more about the installation process have a look at the GitHub repository.

Main Page

The main page is fully responsive and based on a modified version of the Agency Bootstrap Theme. A responsive and animated vertical timeline is used for the CV. Considering the GDPR, the contact form includes a checkbox and only sends emails with TLS encryption. A privacy policy and legal notice are accessible easily from everywhere on the website.


The blog is implemented using the Wagtail CMS. Apart from visualizing blog posts, the blog includes a search functionality, categories and tags. In addition, blog posts can be listed by categories and tags. New blog posts can be created using an admin interface. Like the main page the blog is fully responsive using adapted versions of Blog Home Bootstrap Theme and Blog Post Bootstrap Theme.


A Netcup vServer with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is used for deployment. Nginx and Gunicorn connect Django to the web client. For sending emails via the contact form, Postfix is used (click here for more information).


The server costs 2.69 €/month (~ 3.03 USD/month). For registering the domain name sebastian-stemmer.com at STRATO, 0.60 €/month (~ 0.68 USD/month) are being paid in the first year. Afterwards, 1.50 €/month (1.69 USD/month) are being paid. In total that is 3.29 €/month (~ 3.71 USD/month) in the first year and then 4.19 €/month (~ 4.72 USD/month).

Any questions, problems or suggestions for improvement?

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